Think of all of the things you love in your life — cardboard, bone spurs, demolition derbies — and just try to tell me that they’ve never once let you down. Can’t? That’s what I thought.

But wait! Just when everything looked hopeless, when nothing seemed trustworthy or just, FAMILY EVENT comes through and drops a new album via their own EL SERENO RECORDS, restoring faith in all that is good in this world. Truth be told, the FAMILY EVENT-ers, aaronmaxwell and JAMES MATTHEW, may be the only reliable thing in the crazy, mixed-up world. I mean, these two are known for constantly shaving off the unnecessary fat in their milk crates and zip folders, selecting only the choicest cuts to flip, mangle, and warp, then adding minimal, fat drums atop it all to form a boiling pot of sample-stew. And that’s just what you get with DEMO TAPE 2. No filler. No excess. Just excellence.

Finally, cardboard becomes fascinating once more, bone spurs regain their old charm, and the tire-spun mud smeared across your face from your recent demolition derby visit warms your flaky skin. Everything’s good again, thanks to FAMILY EVENT.

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