♫♪  Felicita - “Heads Will Roll / I Will Devour You”

Felicita has long been associated with the PC Music crew, but now it’s official. The artist has just signed with the label and dropped a pair of tracks that veer transcendentally away from the formally-fucked, rhythmically-bonkers aesthetic of his Frenemies era. The tracks, titled “Heads Will Roll” and “I Will Devour You,” are available now via PC Music, who promise more from him soon.

Check out the video version here or the SoundCloud embed below. Which one you pick will determine how the rest of your life will play out, so choose wisely.

Meanwhile, Felicita will be performing alongside Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, EasyFun, A. G. Cook, and more at Pop Cosmos, which is happening on Thursday in London.

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