♫♪  Finn - Accelerated Club

Finn ‘s Accelerated Club is exactly the kind of music you knock down shelves to while having sex on the couch too hard and the neighbors start banging on the door, now with the police — because y’all can’t stop now; why(?) — because the porn and y’all are being inappropriately too loud, so now the dog is howling either at y’all or the ringing doorbell, but now the downstairs neighbors are poking the ceiling with a broomstick while the bedroom of the apartment next door is competing with you in furniture-squeaking, and the upstairs neighbors (who leave their phone on vibrate on the floor all the time) start blaring base, which distracts the cops, who run upstairs.

At this point, samples of classic 1990s jock-jam type cheerleader bullshit remix pump are like chords on the guitar. It’s less about the context of the actual song or when the nostalgia hit, but strictly about the reiteration of how it works now. I can’t stop listening to Accelerated Club. Finn is dirty, tho. Scope the back catalogue or…


Local Action is proud to present a new mixtape by Finn, “accelerating” records by club heroes DJ Technics, Jammin Gerald, Rod Lee, DJ Tameil, Dukeyman and more in his own unique style.

Available on limited cassette - 100 copies worldwide, packaged with the mixtape as WAV download. Mixed live on two Pioneer CDJ2000s and mastered on reel-to-reel.

Shout out to: DJ Gant Man • DJ Platt • Riz La Teef • DJ Technics • DJ Funk • Joey B • DJ Assault • Mumdance • Jammin’ Gerald • Conor Thomas • DJ Jayhood • Rod Lee • Grandmixxer • DJ Kiff • DJ Rell • Eclair Fifi • Waxmaster • Anz • DJ Godfather • India Jordan • DJ Deeon • Jungle Joe • DJ Tameil • DJ Florentino • Amy Becker • Paul Johnson • Tom Boogizm • DJ Deeon • Teki Latex • Disco D • DJ Fonti • DJ Samrai • Return To Zero • DJ UNiiQU3

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