♫♪  Finn - Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough

My life is exactly like being in 1st grade watching a 5th grade choir singing “You Gotta Be” in front of me in a loop of adolescence that’s not really necessary for me to move on beyond thinking about that older girl with teeth that makes me want to kiss her forehead, with a pink that’s just too green for me to feel like cutting the grass when I miss Ritch or Fugitive or Lord SMS or Adam, so the feeling of personal [Jeriah] is missing that same-gender relationship that [Mike] feels almost too important [Landon] to let go, so bros like P [Marvin] get calls once a week about live acts sampling on a stage I didn’t personally witness with Babyfather and all the No Limit Soldiers of Earth. Finn at it again, like an LOL that turns AMO on the:

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