♫♪  Five Star Hotel - “Nighthawks”

Barring some bizarre celestial confluence, it appears 2018 ends on a quiet note on this side of Pittsburgh for me. The tunes have been peak gnarliness for me and I’m a bit sad to see it end, especially after only just now getting into PGH local Five Star Hotel via the similarly rad Machine Girl. The connection between the two is just a tad apparent upon listen: ground-and-pound cybergrind, some catharsis comedown optimized for those of us inclined to trance and Slipknot nightcore remixes.

If there’s a lesson to be learned after hearing Open Wound, it’s that I’m in danger of waste. Wasting time not subjecting myself to Five Star Hotel’s sonic body horror live, at least sometime soon. I’ll just have to settle for the tape, some Dino Crisis, and as much volume as my sick 2018 body will allow.

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