Machine Girl MRK90 MIX VOL 1

[Self-Released; 2018]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: pulp comics, questionable behavior, fourth wall, NSFW
Others: Love Actually, TNG, Grindr

thoughts on “adult cinema” while under the influence of the,,,,



- The third-party camera view always freaks me out, because my mom could be behind that camera, for all I know.
- The idgaf moment
- The definition of silly:

o “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

o When I was 6, I stole my dad’s Baby Huey cards.

o If I don’t understand something, typically I try not to look physically perplexed, because I might appear disrespectful to whom I may be interacting with, immediately.

- The privacy
- How these actors show up late sometimes? [Equate to DJ “Shows”]



- Nobody is ever this curious. I don’t necessarily understand this language, but dancing is always fun, yes!
- Eating and watching porn vs. eating with porn on vs. food porn vs. food on the body is the most revolting thing on earth.
- How expensive would it be to go VR, tho, because I need friends I don’t need, u kno?
- Witnessing an unnoticed nip slip on the 7 train and questioning whether or not notifying this person is even necessary.



- Is someone being paid here? Can I get a clearer understanding of initiation, because I’m a little afraid, and information would seriously clear everything up *100 emoji*
- Hydroyoga wants to become an adult film actor in Cali, but isn’t into the driving.
- Anticipated spontaneity; cluelessness(?);
- Reflecting upon a mirror you haven’t cleaned in 11 years



- #entering
- It’s come to a point where trying to identify the influences someone is on in “adult cinema” to figure out their peak.
- Persecutive vs. “What Happen.”
- Warmth gel
- JOI hands free close-up ULTRA 4k ASMR #veins
- Point A to Point B

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