♫♪  Machine Girl - MRK90 Mix Vol 1

Yeah, yeah — Machine Girl on that chaotic shit. The new age shit. You already know, even if you think you don’t, it’s here. It’s always been lurking in your dreams. Your thoughts: a nightmare, a tour de force, a blur, an apparition. The unmistakable elan of MRK90 Mix Vol 1 drips out your speakers. It oozes. It rots. It sublimates into a cloud of toxic fumes. It drifts past you. A whisper. A memory. An explosion all at once

What is the future — it’s here it’s now it’s everywhere????

Get up. Get down. Nuff said

Stream MRK90 Mix Vol 1 below in full. Pre-order it on cassette here. It drops February 20. Mark your calendars!

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