Frank Ocean
“Blue Whale”

On a commentary level, “Blue Whale” is hilarious, right? That real slow minimal melody, that nasty bass line, that piano beat, that guitar. And Frank just flows that shit. Yo, any Cthulhu reference is fun too @monstertail&wave. Sure, sure, he’s talking about himself and shit surrounding himself and, well, repeating himself, so maybe he’s trying to bring to light how rappers get caught up in club joints using the same style of song work, only Frank is bringing it down a notch or two. Speed-wise. Errm, but unlike what Frank claims at the beginning, this is totally not a “tropical vibe.” And, no, he ain’t saying what I’m saying. This dude don’t know my life. Frank only knows corporation, ain’t that right Jay-Z? What about Earl? Earl get a grand for that namedrop? Wait, what does Frank know? Not Channel Orange, ‘cause if he did, it’d have been a way better album had he not had anything to do with it. Maybe DatPiff should put out a Channel Orange mixtape. Like, recreate this exact same album, only get other DatPiff frequenters to contribute to the sound. OMG, yes! They might do it better. Frank would want his money either way, so let him continuing dropping tracks via Tumlbr, right? NUDITY!!!

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