♫♪  Galcher Lustwerk - “Parlay”

It’s a pleasure to write about Galcher Lustwerk because, when trying to speak about it, I have no idea how his name is pronounced. Gal-chur? Loost-verk? Gal-shay? Lust-work? His artist naming could use some work, but he always makes the music look easy, and that comes through on “Parlay” as clear as ever. What, seven minutes went by already? Synths settling like morning fog, crisp, hypnotic beats falling perfectly into place, the simple yet impossibly cool vocal parts which are his hallmark are all on this one in full force.

Technically a new release, though the truheads will recognize this as one of the many gems which comprised his 2012 Blowing Up the Workshop mix. Here the track given the stand-alone treatment, one of four tracks which will make up the Parlay EP out soon on his own Lustwerk Music imprint (the other tracks likewise being re-werks of Workshop tracks). Why didn’t he call it Blowing Up the Werk-shop? The missed pun will go down in history as the lone blemish on an otherwise perfect project. No matter - grip this and other forthcoming Lustwerk Music projects at Juno Records.

• Galcher Lustwerk: http://lustwerkmusic.com
• Juno Records: http://www.juno.co.uk

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