♫♪  Galcher Lustwerk - Road Hog - D. W. B. (previews)

Let’s consider your car as an Arendtian “space of appearance” for a second. It makes a lot of sense — public and private spheres melding, you know — the space of appearance: “where I appear to others as others appear to me, where folks exist not merely like other living or inanimate things, but to make their appearance explicitly.” The road is a polis! The car/road dichotomy is our political condition (free, constrained, private, public), most of the time; most of the time we are STRAIGHT chilling, straight jamming, heads-a-nodding, feeling our own condition fully. Things can get heady in the car. It might be because there’s that small sense of danger that someone may be watching you while you cruise into new thoughts. In this way, the car is a little like the club — dancing AS cruising, the club AS freedom highway, Galcher Lustwerk AS “the groove” AND the soundtrack to your ride home.

THUSLY, since Galcher Lustwerk is (IMO) the introspective king of the club, he is also king of the car. Well, he’s about to claim the throne with Road Hog - D. W. B., an EP especially constructed for your car. With track titles like “The FUCK Outta My Lane,” “Abuse These Streets,” and “Freedom” I can only guess he will be coaxing us listeners to behave in our vehicles the way he convinced us to behave on “Put On” (“Everybody on/ Everybody on/ Everybody stoned/ Everybody doing the things they only did alone”). Let me tell you, driving is about to get SO chill — chill enough to where the club BECOMES the car, where we can all party alone careening in a hunk of steel, an Arendtian HONDA down the highways of the night.

Scope a (preview) for the whole Road Hog - D. W. B. EP by Galcher Lustwerk below and get ready, the full release is “coming eventually….”

#made for the car.

• Galcher Lustwerk: https://soundcloud.com/galcher-lustwerk

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