♫♪  Gee Weaver - Lawn Grey

Gee Weaver is having a pretty strong year so far. At four tapes deep, another one has poked its head out before the frost settles in and the fall foliage drops.

Like past efforts, there is a fuggy nature to the music of Lawn Grey, and while it’s a definite continuation of his exploration of repetition, both forwards and backwards, it’s something altogether new and different. The space between the repeated phrases and samples — the turtlehead pullbacks and poke-outs of sound — have gained more importance. And though this jarring absence has been heavily featured throughout Gee Weaver’s work, this time around? THIS TIME?! Whoa, buddy. Talk about some breathy suffocation. Though, maybe my ears are just finally hearing it, but maybe not. Who the heck knows, ya know?

Find out for yourself below, and get dragged across Lawn Grey via cassette care of Weaver’s own Kirkland imprint.

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