♫♪  German Army - No No Boy

Oh yeah, I get it. German Army should have been on the Twin Peaks season 3 shortlist for musical performers, or at least musical consultants. Are there unreturned emails from the German Army camp sent to Dean Hurley? Angelo Badalmenti? Lynch himself?

I wouldn’t be surprised if those emails exist.

And Lynch and co. were fools to ignore them.

German Army punctuate their dread rhythmic mayhem with heavily saturated/pixilated source material, melodies piped in from beyond the grave. On No No Boy (Athens’ Phormix label), it’s like a portal is opened to the Black Lodge itself, and whatever music the Woodsmen decide on is a damned balm for the terrestrial mindset. No “This is the water and this is the well” horsecrap, just a straight spectrum of “cunning dread” to “a modicum of hope,” a graph of indeterminate origin and intent superimposed over existential sonic blueprints. What is future and what is past, indeed?

No No Boy is one of the few German Army releases without a distinct pinpoint on the global map, instead calling out treachery everywhere GeAr can find it on the political playing field. The general dystopian vibe shakes the GPS till it’s a useless instrument, and only the secret coordinates beamed directly to your mind are the only ones that make sense, that lead you anywhere. Where they lead is ultimately up to you, to how you interact with No No Boy, but don’t expect some kind of pleasure cruise here. You’re in for a friggin’ ride.

Which is totally the point.

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