♫♪  German Army - Year of Solitude

I’d like to think that if I spent a year in solitude, that year would be spent in some deeply meditative, soul-searching capacity with an eye toward self-betterment or heightened functionality within society on the other end of said solidary year. The whole thing would be quite disciplined, with rules imposed upon myself to rigidly follow, and any deviation a cause for terminating the experiment as a lost cause.

I’m so glad I’m not German Army.

A Year of Solitude for our favorite soul-searching electro-deconstructionists apparently entails releasing a cassette or six for our audio-consuming pleasure, a schedule that doesn’t allow for much hiding behind aliases or masks or whatever and yet still seems only to obscure our heroes all the more. One thing’s for sure: I wouldn’t be able to get away with such outward-facing expression and purport to be doing the “solitude” thing. I’d have to terminate the experiment as a lost cause if anybody caught me trying to interact. I’ve said as much in the first paragraph. Rules, etc.

This Year of Solitude is an extension, an outgrowth of the GeAr brand, and it serves as a palate cleanser for whatever it is German Army itself has in its back pocket for future endeavors. By turning inward, even while the result is ostensibly meant for the masses, allows the duo to regroup before potentially embarking on their latest crusade to bring some horrifying global injustice to everyone’s attention. Which of course is what they do best, and which is one of the main reasons to tune in to any GeAr-related activity with your undivided attention.

And so it is that Year of Solitude, despite its softer focus, gears you, ahem, for what’s ahead, preparing your mind to tackle the latest human rights abuse or catastrophic event with clinical attention. As a waystation on the German Army map to enlightenment, it replenishes your provisions and resituates you on your path, also reinvigorating you to approach the uncertain future with steadfastness and resolve.

I guess our ideas of a Year of Solitude aren’t too different after all.

Castle Bravo has shirts for this one too if you’re so inclined.

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