♫♪  Golden Living Room -  Autoscopy

The irony of thinking on how dope classic vaporwave was is definitely not lost on me. There’s probably nothing more in its spirit than being oddly wistful about now idealized post-internet jams. It’s nostalgia like that which inevitably leads to the most contentious and pressing question of our time. Far be it from me to wade into those debates, I’m just riding the waves again, and occasionally returning to old splashes. Who else to bring back the wake of old school vapor than Golden Living Room? A well-known face for the microgenre, GLR brings back those uncanny textures and insomnia-laden loops in the form of old loops, forgotten B-sides, and other glorious shit via Autoscopy. And not a moment too, just when I thought I had enough loops of Japanese lotion commercial music in my life.

Already heard all these like a year ago? Also cool, but now you can get a rad tape to go along with the memories!

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