♫♪  Golden Living Room - “Al’Teau”

Phinery has really been stunning listeners the last few years with new and previously exposed musicians and groups. From their release Post-Internet by Golden Living Room that appeared last year on cassette, and atmosphere of pure progression and originality has transpired in the forest of digital grid. The album itself, including a slew of remixes to be released SOON, muster such a dimensional drift in our world that actually folds space and time. Like a jungle of microchips just dwindling a core that harnesses soul. Something so aura’d that dream becomes faith and deity drips in surges like a visual that explores a realm where reality morphs the mind. Excretion like a fantasy so secular everyone ends up saved. Post-Internet is what happens when the recycling dump for electronics finally evolves with the future Earth. Intelligent plant life that researches human ways through digital history.

With luxurious visuals from James Webster, “Al’Teau” blurs the line of nu-age medz and next-level vaporwave credz. Ready for take off, Golden Living Room spreads more than just wings in “Al’Teau,” handling sampled sounds, platinum caressed noise, and easy-walking drums, stuck both within the online world of Play Station 2 and real-time spine-lines stretching a yawn to clear all listeners’ minds. In no way is “Al’Teau” a snoozer (although, I wouldn’t use it as pump up music), Golden Living Room is met by James Webster in the mutual blur everyone seeks to achieve toward the end of every day. Even those days when all morning and afternoon were the same feel, “Al’Teau” soundtracks the easy life. One that is fantastic and within reach. Let’s all go-to there:

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