♫♪  Hasufel - “Death Marches West”

The previously named entity, Dylan Ettinger, has gone under complete transfiguration of self, probably jumped into a deprivation chamber for a week or two too long, and now wears the moniker, Hasufel. Does he wear robes now in the show? DEFINITELY. Does he drink virgin blood during his morning face-paint ritual? ABSOLUTELY. Does his new project stem from the roots of deep black-metal structure and atmosphere? GUESS!

Dylan admittedly states, “these are rough demos, sketches, and experiments” and “Death Marches West” is the first bit listeners get from Hasufel. It’s chained. There’s plenty of guttural starkness. Sludge thick and engrossing from all kinds of conflicting melodies. And even a bit of the old Ettinger-brand vocals (think Lifetime Of Romance combine with Super Ape). It’s happening:

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