♫♪  Hasufel - “Marrow of the Horn”

I hate Atlanta — really hate it. It’s hot and gross, a flaccid cowpie of a city. It doesn’t help that when I have to drive through it on my way north, I have to see that “Drain the Swamp” billboard (that used to be, like, “Vote for Trump if You’re a Good Christian” or “God Bless President Trump” or something) on 75 between Macon and Atlanta. Or that time I got stuck in traffic outside Sun Trust Park (FUCK YOU BRAVES) because they decided to bring five lanes down to one at lunchtime.

Or traffic in general in Atlanta.

God, I really hate Atlanta.

Anyhoo, you guys should really check out DKA Records’s new comp, DKA Tape Programme Vol. II. DKA might be based in Atlanta, but their output is cool as a cucumber. Gathering 20 like-minded souls who prefer the darkness rather than the sticky sunshine of the South, DKA has curated a post-punk/darkwave/goth collection sure to get your internal anger flowing. Pissed at everything? Take it out on the world through artistic expression! Poke at society’s fetid, soft, stinking underbelly with sharp sonic implements and jagged rhythmic tools!

Nothing gets me up for casting darkly disapproving vibes at the status quo like Hasufel, a.k.a. Dylan Ettinger, who folds a little black metal and noise into his goth creepages. Check out “Marrow of the Horn” below, then the rest of this tape… if you dare.

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