♫♪  Hasufel - LIVE ON DUBLAB

Recorded live February 23 on dublab, Dylan Ettinger’s Hasufel continues a new reign of black upon listeners with three (LIVE) versions of tracks from Forlorn and one new track, “Marrow of the Horn.”

The set starts with a stark, but emotionally charged version of “Forlorn” that pings in your skull with the speed of pure meditative dub-sludge, ripping away layers of brain and cranium. “Marrow of the Horn” plunges deep, pummeling the end of winter freeze, fused in abrasive blare, turning the Earthly season with brazen digital melodies trickling, vocals soaring, drones frowning, and drumming nearly blown to bits.

The ritual is “Ossuary,” drinking the venom of fangs, cursing the dirt you stand upon to open up and swallow your existence, only to restore your life everlasting, wielding a chalice of core magma. “Ziggurat” remains Hasufel’s for sure sell out track, reeling in that pop-melted burst of bloody tears, raw stream of consciousness that mad listeners be remixing into some fat-ass trap, maybe.


All profits from the digital sales of this album will be donated for the medical expenses of my father, John Ettinger.

If you wish to learn more or care to donate, please visit the GoFundMe page

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