♫♪  Hasufel - “Ziggurat”

There’s an ominous quality to most wounds. Almost as-if there’s a haunting about the blood that draws and stiffens. A weight we put on that only should bare a semblance to the other side. I don’t see in me. It’s impossible. But a quaint thought.

Dylan Ettinger is back at his new Hasufel profile, and dungeon-synth has reached a new primitive. It’s not that “Ziggurat” means to be complex, but as “complex” as a cave painting. The insight. Where this has taken our humanity. Where are we going?

Tell you what: I’ma dine at El Tule tonight, fuckers. I’ma whip out all the old reels. Luke Perry and Commando OST here I come. B/c Dylan’s aesthetic hasn’t changed, you have. Shape up:

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