♫♪  Holly Waxwing - Goldleaf Acrobatics

I have just spent the last several hours listening to this tape, approximately 86 times in a row, and I’ve decided that Holly Waxwing represents where we need to be heading with instrumental hip-hop. Wherever that is or was, whatever IT means in what I just typed: I’m not sure I can be very much more specific. All I know is that “Silktails for Isabel” is exactly where I want to be, and whoever the hell this Isabel person (being?) is must be the happiest, most in-love entity on the face of this or any other planet. Eyes closed seems to be the best way to go for Goldleaf Acrobatics. Sway alongside the succulence, let the warm breezes bring you to your knees, the tempo shifts, the flighty vocal samples, the jazzy inflections and light twinkle carrying you away to some beach resort on an alien world, a honeymoon among the stars.

With the album’s relaxed disposition, soft complexion, and playful bounce, it’s no wonder you can find more Holly Waxwing with like-minded others, including Bonglestar Galactabong on BOY FROOT-curated and -mixed Terrordome compilations, although this album from Garrett Crosby’s musical guise, what appears to be the first official Holly Waxwing release, is out on his own freshly minted cassette press, Noumenal Loom. Stream his newest album Goldleaf Acrobatics below or grip that new cassette ASAP:

• Holly Waxwing: http://hollywaxwing.bandcamp.com
• Noumenal Loom: http://noumenalloom.com

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