♫♪  Huerco S. - “Jaffe - Untitled (H.S. Mix) 2012”

One way to both aptly elucidate Huerco S.’s vibes and also make a subtle phonetic joke is to use the word heuristic. For a writer, this kills the stone with two birds. Digress. Tangent. Huerco S. makes music that is best characterized physically as a landscape, architecture, or structure. His deeply textural ambient-dance delineations have certainly shown stripes, and they’re oblique. The Kansas-City producer, real name Brian Leeds, has a knack for the haze. His releases often feel like turning on high-beams in a heavy fog, soon after realizing your seat-heater is on high and the blinker has been clicking for longer than you thought. It’s disorientation in a very comfortable style.

Leeds just dropped what I take to be an unreleased track from 2012, but that’s certainly less than definitive. “Jaffe - Untitled (H.S Mix)” feels immediately natural with any heed to his latest Colonial Patterns. It’s slow-breathing and architectural, creating a space which is best left to the subconscious to explore. Employ your own heuristic capabilities and stream “Jaffe - Untitled (H.S Mix)” by Huerco S. below:

• Huerco S.: https://soundcloud.com/huerco_s

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