♫♪  Hybrid Palms - Soft Motions

Some days I wish I could just sit in the park and stare. Not at anything particular, but just life, you know? Sitting on a bench that’s not uncomfortable, “But…” And people gathering around things and disbursing. Like a meet-up spot in the park. Dogs running with the wind of grass. Frisbees and safety shit for everything around us. Rubber corners. Top feeling corner stores whisking lost life upon the streets. Wigs of rats in gutters smiling at the first slice of apple. Yeah, a pizza slice!

I open my Hybrid Palms to passers by, and they read them. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” people say walking away in awe. Lillerne Tapes with the cash cow on feel again. The trickery in a good mood. Always move in Soft Motions. Monitor every moment and much of this will mend in pretend:

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