♫♪  Innercity - the earth as arch and cold end [full album]

“[In] promotion of Innercity’s new Terrestreality LP on Aguirre Records, which is out [now]; I made the new full length the earth as arch and cold end available (only) for free download on the [Innercity] bandcamp page.” —Hans Dens

“Hans never seems to edit ANYTHING. He just sets up a loop and lets it play for 35 minutes and is, like, “There’s a new song.” That ‘hands-off’ style of weirdo electronics; not many people do that as much these days.” —Britt Brown

Hans -err Draak, thanks for the heads up. I ain’t got nothing this far out to suggest for Halloween. But how ‘bout something a little funky and haunted?

• Innercity: http://innercitydiscography.blogspot.com

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