♫♪  Jónó Mí Ló - “Essential Thoughts” / “International Law”

Jónó Mí Ló is back, babes. And the void is real this time, as he prepares to space out the minds of all who listen with a new release on Pastel Voids. Available March 9, Baseless Cultural Critique will reach into all our hearts and replace more empty space with the darkness of truth.

“Essential Thoughts”

First single off Baseless Cultural Critique, “Essential Thoughts,” is the mantra that makes your nightmares reign, drowning in a puddle of rain water and zombie blood, while still concerned with leaving the door unlocked at home. We’re all going to die in some sort of war, whether physical, mental, regional, embargocal… all real words. But sneaking seeds. On a plane. With germination. There’s no new. It’s only a repeat of a repeat of Michael FUCKING Keaton at a rave with his others in Multiplicity.

“International Law”

Death be fucking knocking on that slab wood, b. This ain’t no drill, it’s still rill. ArmaJorddan. Hammer-head mohawks. Acid-wash camouflage. Parfait durag. Molten ice melting in thick layers. Not knowing. Never knowing, anymore. Not since… never. Never knowing, forever. “It’s a fucking pear. Ima eat it in the waiting area. Still can’t claim it? Enjoy the fucking pear. Be happy in your work, pear.”

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