♫♪  C V B 3 R W A R - “III. MK ULTRA FAIL” (360° video)

C V B 3 R W A R I-V (Michael Green & Jónó Mí Ló) are on the digital best-pals game in (360° video). Like, I think both artists live on opposite sides of North America, but still can turn out a series like (360° video) under the name C V B 3 R W A R I-V. “What is it all?” you might ask. Well the answer is just a click away from virtual fantasy: AI hallucinations, Total Recall drill tanks, Death claiming avatar souls, inprisoned assembly-line Rock-em Sock-em robots, and God-hand skyline heli-tours during anti-gravity apocalypse, etc. So far, episodes “I. WWIV” and “II. PROJECT DARPA” have aired the past two Thursdays (the series airing every Thursday), and late last night “III. MK ULTRA FAIL” dropped a cat-scan trip into a dream-state kaleidoscope.

The general (separate and collective) genus Michael and Jónó have been classic for employing throughout their timeline as musical and visual artistic influencers gives fans another reality in “III. MK ULTRA FAIL.” Get a clue. Then soak within (360° video) episodes I-III by C V B 3 R W A R. Fridays were meant to be fucked on, so enjoy the captivation. Also, you can GRAB THE SCREEN IN EACH VIDEO, WFT. Scroll your cursor over the video screen. PANDEMONIUM!!!

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