Kool Keith
Total Orgasm 2 [mixtape]

The original Total Orgasm mixtape was my third favorite album of 2012. I’ll listen to that album until it digitally deteriorates on my computer/phone/thumb-drive/etc. But Total Orgasm 2 is kind of like that hungover morning after 12/31: nobody is really THAT interested; Mickey may have turned over night; and there’s the argument on the table whether or not Kool Keith wrote all the parts for his eight (or so) featured musicians. I don’t think he did. They’re too rhyme-y for Kool Keith’s blue-blood flow. It’s kind of like when R. Kelly stooped down to Rick Ross’ level on “Speeding” with “Sitting in my living room watching the Grammys; wishing that was me that was on the Grammys.” I mean, like, if Kool Keith were to stoop to the level of all the people featured on his mix, which he doesn’t REALLY, it would definitely take away from it when you got too much repetitive meter on a Kool Keith joint. Or, it’s like going from Rich Forever to God Forgives and I Don’t. Anyhow, I’m hoping this year is way better in hip-hop than it has thus far presented, though I imagine our fool Samuel Diamond would say differently. Maybe Mystikal will blow us up??

• Kool Keith: http://totalorgasm.bandcamp.com

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