♫♪  Kyle Landstra - “The View From Here”

“The View From Here” lifts you as an apparition. Floating aloft your home, the tree that covers sunlight into your kitchen, telephone pole wires, birds shitting on your roof, clouds forming into white and grey, and you come to here. Here is where you complete a view. A view of colors sectioned and smeared. Moving outlines dash and drag along the landscape. Where the world curves looks like lit space/stars. One step is another continent, and you’re over deserts and dunes dwindling and resurfacing. Over the ocean, blue and shadows move with and without each other. The arctic ain’t melting, but erupting into streams and rivers. In waves of wind, the rain forest from here subtly and shortly awakens, as if recovering itself with blanketed foliage. Rest now upon “The View From Here.” Contemplate as though you are a part of Earth, not controlling it.

• Kyle Landstra: http://kylelandstra.bandcamp.com
• Sonic Meditations: http://www.exposeventy.com/sonicmeditations

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