♫♪  Lil B - Water Is D.M.G. Pt.1 (Rare Collectors Tape) [mixtape]

Here’s the gist: Lil B is the perfect embodiment of the internet. “Tell me ‘bout my life and tell me ‘bout my mystery;” brother could be broken down a million different ways, but he brings internet culture directly to “realty.” And, what? This is a collector’s tape? It’s rare? Rare as in steak? Rare as in right there? Rare as in blood and bone? Rare as in nothing really at all? Probably. As I wrote, Lil B’s work could be so convoluted by others. It’s like that tweet you made today, “HAH Twitter HAH.” What the fuck does that mean? Means the internet. And Based God just stares into and right through the soul of-of-of. Thus, Lil B should extend his artistic exploits (BAAAAAAAASED) passed rap/hip-hop and “classical” (???). Based God gotta go full-out country. Who’s in on that? Or, okay, I’ll compromise for just country samples. He can rap over that about D.M.G. What’s D.M.G.? Listen and find out. *clears throat* Until next month. #jkrowling #jkrowling #jkrowling

• Lil B//Based God//Based World//Whodie: http://www.basedworld.com

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