♫♪  LIZ & SOPHIE - “When I Rule The World”

It’s no surprise that a McDonald’s ad, which featured SOPHIE’s 2014 track “Lemonade,” would overshadow a Samsung ad, which features the SOPHIE-produced “Rule the World” by Mad Decent’s LIZ. But the latter marks new sonic territory for SOPHIE. While it still features carbonated female vocals, “Rule the World” puts a face to them (unlike “Bipp” or “Lemonade” or SOPHIE’s older remixes); the assumed singer is not SOPHIE or an “anonymous” associate, but an actual, very public person. Suddenly, the McDonald’s ad and Madonna’s new SOPHIE-/Diplo-produced single feel more like platforms to sell SOPHIE’s “actual” music, and not just like music as a form of advertising — though that of course must be taken with a grain of salt, as “Rule The World” is still part of a Samsung ad.

In any case, with SOPHIE’s bubbly rhythms and LIZ’s saccharine yet honest delivery, the two of them could make a sweet album, perhaps reminiscent of “Bipp,” the song that put SOPHIE on the map, a song from the era before A. G. Cook/QT/major corporate ads. Check out “When I Rule the World” below (which is also available to purchase here):

• LIZ: https://soundcloud.com/lizy2k
• SOPHIE: https://soundcloud.com/msmsmsm

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