♫♪  M. Geddes Gengras - “8.10.13”

…yeah, but has anyone ever tried to stop M. Geddes Gengras? In my experience with him, it seems like he’s an immovable gale force of energy. So, fuck it. Going from Duppy to Sun Araw to Akron/Family to Warm Climate to that solo makings. Listen to ishi outtakes (TMT Ishi Review) and carefree your Wednesday night!

I mean, I’m about to go to Lowes to lug cabinets out for my Grams, and them pop ‘em up along her bedroom walls this evening, so guess who’s getting a good dose of my boiii M. Geddes Gengras? The lady of Beckon Hill at 20 Beverly Road. And it all starts with “8.10.13.”

Prepare for action, ‘cause these shorts got a good leg spread, and neither M. Geddes nor I are wearing shorts:

• M. Geddes Gengras: https://soundcloud.com/green-machines

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