♫♪  Maria Minerva - “The Beginning”

Staggering toward the end of night. City streets echoing and amber lit. Music lingers out from a ground-level apartment. It’s lush in vocals. It’s lush in beat and sound. It’s lush. Taking a minute on that stoop gives ample amount of time for a smoke. Nodding to the fluidity of production, the window begins to close, and you turn and ask, “What’s that?” Using their hand to wave away the smoke, the silhouette doesn’t answer, stares (maybe), and then closes the window. The beat can still be hear, so wasting no expense on staggering, you turn the sway of your walk into a dance, around the block, and in your head.

MC queen Maria Minerva issssssssssssssssssssssssss unstoppable. “The Beginning” was such a long time about for her, and the only thing she’s really done since that is made her sound slightly crisper through TONS of releases. And her voice, is unchanging. -Err, wait, what am I saying, “The Beginning” is NOW. To be precise , “The Beginning” will be released with her new CD/LP Histrionic via Not Not Fun on April 29. And get ready to LET GO. ‘Cause it’s not-think-let’s-dance time, y’all.

• Maria Minerva: https://soundcloud.com/mariaminerva
• Maria Minerva (coming soon): http://www.maria-minerva.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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