♫♪  Dzang - “C’mon” feat. Maria Minerva

In the press notes for 3G, his third record as Dzang, composer Adam Gunther describes his music as “Pacific dreams for specific times.” This short sentence nails a lot about Gunther’s work: the double entendre of “Pacific” (both the emotional state and the ocean), the fascinatingly vague use of the word “specific.”

As soon as you hear the record, you know what “times” he’s talking about: the drive home after the after party, celebration turning into sadness, pink Angeleno sunsets making you worry about the future. The millennial depression of getting switched to your 3G network in the middle of the night. 3G is a cruising record, and it’s also a record for cruising by yourself.

Gunther is also an expert collaborator (see: his excellent 2015 meet-up with Mountain Man’s Molly Sarle on “Ima Get Em Like”), and for about half of his new record he brings in vocalists to break up the solitude. Among the best of these are his two tracks with genius superstar Maria Minerva. Today we’re happy to premiere their collab “C’mon,” a long distance break-up song for the ages. Stream it here.

3G drops July 14 on the Dzang Records. Pre-order it now, and, hey, buy a t-shirt while you’re there.

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