Maria Minerva
“The Sound”

I dunno. Judging whether Maria Minerva’s distorted pop is intentional or happenstance is beyond me. I suppose it’s safe to say she has a love for sound —errp, “The Sound” of love, that is, in this song. And it’s nice to hear a slight change in musical direction @freshOnrabeats. Intentional or not, she can’t do me no wrong. It’s a lifetime crush sorta thing. And as this crush builds, I also ponder the question (and title of her forthcoming album) Will Happiness Find Me? Myself, the answer will be “yes” come August 8 at PS1 when Minerva takes the stage for her first US tour in glorious live music matrimony. Everything is everything.

Will Happiness Find Me? is out September 4 via Not Not Fun.

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