There is a little nervous butterfly that lives in the pit of everyone’s stomach. It represents fear, doubt, regret, grief, and self-consciousness. It survives on anxiety and is easily agitated by stress. New music from N. BRENNAN captures the ephemeral moments in which we become aware of this creature within us. SCARY MOMENTS is filled with unsettling sounds of alarms, static shrieks, and high-stress film dialogue, which are breached sporadically by rare organisms of optimistic new age melody coming up for air in an ocean of ominous, frightening noises. With eleven tracks totaling only ten minutes, the tracks are indeed momentary. Fleeting feelings of fear that last just long enough for us to forget we are safe.

• N. BRENNAN: https://soundcloud.com/BRENNANISYOU
• Wasabi Tapes: https://wasabitapes.bandcamp.com

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