♫♪  n. brennan - SCARY MOMENTS II

Yup. The title ain’t lying to you: SCARY MOMENTS II is the second audio nightmare by n. brennan. Wait, I’m not actually sure if it’s the SECOND audio nightmare, but I’m definitely using audio nightmare in a descriptive way, and not negatively. Just because it’s like a blend of Lil $ega awk-sampling with a slice of BARELY matching time signatures, like how E+E uses. So, it’s like psychedelic sample-based visual bursts of maybe something you saw on television last night, but that was LIVE, so no way it was last night, even if they just spoke about yesterday’s date as “Today.” Like, wait a minute, is n. brennan watching me RIGHT NOW? I’ll test it out and say his name out loud in editorial right now and see if his head pops up. FUCK, everyone’s heads popped up. I’m doomed. He’s haunting me. SCARY MOMENTS II is consuming me. Listen to the new n. brennan SCARY MOMENTS II before it consumes YOU TOO!

• n. brennan: http://brennanisyou.bandcamp.com
• Wasabi Tapes: https://wasabitapes.bandcamp.com

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