♫♪  The Newcomer - “Example of Modern Life”

With the coming of a new year, we use the occasion of an arbitrarily new beginning for the imagining of a non-arbitrarily new one. If artificially, and only for a little while, the world around us appears aglow with new possibilities. To lend meaning to the meaningless, to fill the void — is it not consistently the most surprising and redeeming of our powers? With the passage of one year into another, EARTH MOTIVATION led into a cloud; “Example of Modern Life” is a faraway light. Like a doorway painted over with artificial landscape, this latest transmission from Berlin’s The Newcomer hides away in the flat manifold, opening the beyond only to the sufficiently careful observer. With a twice-fading, twice-returning breath of air and birdsong, it asks only that you attend it loyally into the mist.

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