♫♪  The Newcomer - “Womb Of Choice”

Let’s take the future of human biology. We’ll mingle DNA and “choice.” So it’s like ordering your particular burrito at the food stand, only a child you’ll raise into an adult. Go beyond the fact that you chose to have a kiddo with blonde hair, green eyes, dark skin, and wavy hair, now you can communicate with your baby in utero. Before it even comes out, it learns language, you download it lessons and music, translation, skills, and psychological perspective. Your baby will be a fully opinionated three year old on how the world economy is shaping in a world where the ecosystem has a hole over Australia, and can help directed (over the phone) how to get treatment for irradiated skin. At age six, your baby will have a part-time job after school and volunteer with the suicide hotline on weekends.

The meaning of “cool” and its association with youth will soon be eradicated. For prophecy narration, The Newcomer has foretold all this in the new single “Womb Of Choice.” Opal Tapes will be releasing The Newcomer’s upcoming album Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine (pre-order) on cassette and digital. Keep up on the signals:

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