The Newcomer to release Mirelet Unsette Moiyana EP for Kaleidoscope’s Aether Editions series, premiere video

The Newcomer to release Mirelet Unsette Moiyana EP for Kaleidoscope's Aether Editions series, premiere video

The word “new” derives from the Old English niowe, meaning, among other things, “uninitiated.” But The Newcomer is hardly a new presence, nor are they an uninitiated one: after a series of successes — acclaimed releases under another moniker, European gallery spaces and American night clubs, et al. — the Berlin-based group disappeared from immediate gaze of the critic and the fan, only to return here and now with new EP, Mirelet Unsette Moiyana, out January 20 on Kaleidoscope’s Aether Editions series.

It is as much Enigma as it is Aphex Twin or Fennesz: shimmers of gold and whispers of an achievment unlocked are the first to relay their immediate presence, as “a powerful vision of the world, the reflection of its makers… a feeling of true belonging” is mediated through the language of subverted early folk and traditional musics. It is thus a testament to the staying power of the residual, its tractability and malleability, as imbued within an emergent technology.

Watch the video for EP track “Aelen Rache,” which we have the pleasure of premiering here:

But The Newcomer is the first of many. In 2017, Kaleidoscope continues with their Aether Editions series, available across all streaming and download sites, with a Deluxe Edition featuring extra bonus materials available from their Bandcamp. The Newcomer joins the Kaleidoscope catalogue, which includes releases from artists Sculpture, Aldous RH, Karen Gwyer, Yearning Kru, Arch M, Orphan, and ALAK.

Mirelet Unsette Moiyana tracklist:

01. Conasthesis
02. Géllex
03. Aelen Rache
04. Caean
05. Marrrd E
06. Time Slather

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