♫♪  Norm Chambers - Eight Informal Lines

The past few years have seen Norm Chambers move beyond the warm, bucolic synth futurism of his Panabrite project, and towards a headier, Musique concrète/library music fusion. It’s not a drastic departure, mind you, but the evolution of Chambers’ music, whether under his own name, Panabrite, or Jürgen Müller, is apparent with each new release sounding stronger than the last. His latest, the self-released Eight Informal Lines, digs further into those sounds. Across, you guessed it, eight tracks, Chambers explores modular synth waves, bubbly ambient pieces, and cerebral, psychedelic workouts. For now, Eight Informal Lines is a digital only release. Preview below and follow the Bandcamp links to snatch a copy.

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