♫♪  Norm Chambers - “F.L.V.M.”

A new season is upon us, and prolific synth maestro Norm Chambers (a.k.a. Panabrite) drops another subtle fire-breathing stunner of a cassette for our continued listening pleasure. Idea Region is his latest, and first for the most excellent Japanese experimental label Muzan Editions. I may be biased, but the man keeps slaying with each release, and you’d be hard pressed to argue that point.

Across ten tracks infused with syrupy synth tones and warm, calming sounds, “F.L.V.M.” is a standout vibe session. I dug into the entire album on a recent plane trip back home, and the quiet, late night journey was ideal to get lost in Chambers’ sounds. If you don’t believe me, stream “F.L.V.M.” below and get a taste of the entire tape here where, as of this writing, two cassette copies remain. If the physical edition is sold out, digital copies are cool, too!

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