♫♪  Norm Chambers - Patternmusik

Norm Chambers, better known to you as Panabrite, is a prolific, prolific man, churning out a new LP or cassette at a brisk clip. On the heels of a new collaboration with like-minded synthesist Daryl Groetsch (Pulse Emitter, Space Habitat), Chambers and Illuminated Paths just released Cede, a cassette “of like-minded material recorded at random over a two-year span (2012-2014) with different equipment set-ups and production techniques,” as Chambers says. More rhythmic than the drifting ambient work of Panabrite, Cede continues the synth-y sci-fi work of the Sensory Margins tape on VCO Recordings. “Patternmusik,” featured below, is a light, cosmic tune that pushes Chamber’s craft into new, poppy territory. The springy synth rhythms and the metronome click easily make this one of Chambers’ most accessible tracks, and I can’t stop listening to it. Hopefully you’ll take a ride on the groove train and pick up an “ultra limited” cassette from Illuminated Paths. There are only 25 copies so….

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