♫♪  Odwalla88 - Twiggy

They hold a mirror up the crowd. It’s her, it’s her. It’s them. Chloé. Flannery. Formerly, Odwalla88—muses history. Now, Odwalla1221 for the future angel number peace lily.

Their second LP, Twiggy, and their last release as Odwalla88, is bought to us by Los Angeles’s Some Ware, and documents their US tour for 2015’s Earth Flirt LP (Ooga Booga Records). One side collages songs from sets around the country, while the other documents their full performance in Olympia, Washington, where they performed with CC Dust and James K.

Elizabeth, it’s me. Your friend, your flower. Somewhere, some she. Together, a diary. Erotics and purses. Blush and candles. Chants and chokers. Gauze and lips, parted. Cum and water. Hehe and he. Noise and need.

88 ribbons, sent off on the breeze. 88 gestures, and images gleaned. 88 messages of like and love to the world.

Photo 1 by Danielle Neu. Photo 2 by Ida Ekblad.

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