♫♪  Odwalla88 - “Purr Hi/Giggle (Lil Ugly Mane Remix)”

Chloé Maratta and Flannery Silva’s Odwalla88 project giggles and clangs into ever whimsier wilds. Cut, draped, and cinched sounds arrange themselves into textured swaths. Around the corner, the long, dirty hem of a skirt disappears, followed by a flourish of perfume spritzed through a lighter’s flame.

Odwalla swaddles their songs in ideas from the undergrounds of fashion, art, poetry, and performance, and this sensibility is one of the reasons why their voices feel so visionary. Gurgle along as “Purr Hi” skips like too-fast heart beats syncopating She; let Lil Ugly Mane’s jazzy Giggle edit stick to your lips like poetry; and read up some on this stunning collaboration over at Thunder Zone!

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