♫♪  Patrick Higgins - ”[[ redact__ion ]]”

Patrick Higgins is one busy guy. In addition to composing and playing guitar for experimental New York outfit ZS, he has also just returned from touring Europe, and his latest LP Dossier releases tomorrow (!) via Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint. If you’d like to know more about the album, the wonderful News Team has got you covered.

Here, my duty is to share with you “[[ redact__ion ]]” — track 3 of 4 on Dossier — in an exclusive premiere post. Composed and performed in one take using only guitar and custom electronics (like the rest of the album), “[[ redact__ion ]]” covers a lot of ground: gentle ambience, harsher textures, experimental guitar work, and much more. It all begins with gently whooshing noise, which is gradually overpowered by more noise originating from the guitar. Not sure how he does it, but it doesn’t really matter: I just surrender myself to the music, accept my lack of technical knowledge, and enjoy the song — all of which you can do too, below.

Keep an eye out for Dossier tomorrow, I’m guessing in all the usual places.

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