Guitar hero Patrick Higgins (Zs) readies new album Dossier for Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label

Guitar hero Patrick Higgins (Zs) readies new album Dossier for Nicolas Jaar's Other People label

Have you ever accidentally left a graham cracker package open overnight and come back to it later, only to find a mushy and not at all satisfying version of your favorite treat?

That’s the electric guitar. It’s a stale graham cracker. But luckily, we have people like composer, producer, and Zs guitarist Patrick Higgins, who knows how to freshen up a grody cracker — not to mention the fine minds at Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label to facilitate that kind of freshness-resurrecting brilliance.

In case the news is getting lost in my brilliant metaphor: Zs’ Patrick Higgins has a new solo album called Dossier on the way via Other People. It’s out June 1, and it consists of four movements of live-performed guitar and custom electronics without edits or overdubs. (That’s right; eat it, Can!). As if that weren’t enough, “all of the samples and synthetic patches were custom built and specifically engaged to become elements of live guitar manipulation,” so you know you’re getting a true auteur experience with this thing!

But what good is an experimental album announcement without a proper music excerpt?! About as good as a STALE GRAHAM CRACKER, that’s what! Luckily, Higgins has provided a video offering a taste of album tracks “Pitch Black” and “White Lie,” which sound collectively like a boiling well of primordial soup brought to vibrant life through a celestial awakening. (Tell me it doesn’t, I dare you.) Watch it below! And while you’re down there, make sure to check out that sweet four-movement tracklisting and pre-order the LP here. Together, we can learn to love the electric guitar again!

Dossier tracklisting:

01. Flat File
02. Pitch Black
03. [[ redact__ion ]]
04. White Lie

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