♫♪  Ratkiller - blue thirty

There’s something baffling about Ratkiller’s aesthetic that I DO NOT understand. And this confusion is very 50/50 in regard to love or hate. blue thirty has a lot of shit I hate and a lot of shit I love, not even track-by-track, but minute-by-minute, and sometimes even second-by-second. For a moment it’ll be back-alley blues, trudging a trashcan for treasure, and suddenly being smacked on the back of the head for no reason, and them someone is dancing around your concussed body — blurred vision — all while they’re wearing a jester suite, dawning a bloody skull mask, and playing a tune on a flute that has no rhythm, melody, rhyme or reason. However, I still feel compelled to post on Ratkiller because the musical intrigue (whether love/hate) is at an ultimate max; if you’re looking for mystery, blue thirty is at a 10/10 perfect score. Looking for answers? There are absolutely NONE! But like every good story, every twist and turn is intentionally left inconclusive. “…waiting for something to happen. Hanging out!”

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