♫♪  Ratkiller - Filtered Relics

Similar to CD-r rRaro and recent Delroy Edwards outputs, Ratkiller is helping ride that grimy wave of sewer club electronics only a mattress-floored producer can lick off the ground. In the new Levels release of Filtered Relics, Ratkiller tangles tails of tales, featuring six shorts scenes of back-alley dining, cop hunter, two-faced, gory, and far-East artifacts.

Melted into neon argon, huffing plums in signals, when a grease drop from the butcher’s air conditioner lands right on your hand. Can’t get it off. No matter how hard it matters. A glint; a magic eye in the dark. Follow the twisted trails of Filtered Relics. The perfect cold night alone in the dim city, witnessed and narrated by Ratkiller. Feast upon the sonic story:

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