♫♪  rkss - s.M.i.L.e. Radio show

     My body my body my body my body…

The forthright refrain that welcomes us into rkss’s new mix for s.M.i.L.e. Radio. Songs about bodies as they dress, dance, fall in love, feel themselves, and the night, and others. And the dissociative potential of all of that, and that word embraced as a glancing mirror placed at a corner to bend as light into the future, or deeper within.

Embraced as the revelatory power of pop that carries its miseries and its ecstasies in overflowing hands. To cup them, drink from them, and to feel how this connects fantasy to actuality, desire cut and fit, cheekily, full of tricks, into a wonderful puzzle filled with bits, and ever more, before the whole matter can be understood together.

This then is a transmogrifying mixture that moves among Top40 DJ remixes and original rkss edits and other uncut diamonds like those featured from Kelela and Elysia Crampton. Personal highlights include Dj Drew’s “Lights Remix”, remembering how good Jhené Aiko’s “From Time” (and whole back catalog) is, and a soothing rework of DJ Lostboi’s s.M.i.L.e Radio show awash in eddies and ellipses. See the full track list here.

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