♫♪  rkss - “Tunnel”

rkss is ready to fuckin’ BANG! Or is it just Reject and Fade. BOTH! Because the newest video for “Tunnel” — the title track of rkss’ newest tape on Reject and Fade — is like having the grittiest sanitary dance party in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s Light Tunnel. Images of creativity bursting through fragments of light and blurring within the color emulsion smear flickers of beats and echoed rhythms amongst the “Tunnel,” while dancers twitch their spiraling feet and flailing arms. As well, the tension between reality and electronics, or what is visually occurring within the noise and beat elements, becomes a bubble burst of brilliant back-broken brains, twinkling to take the taste. It seems like you’re a bit reluctant on this information, so I’ll direct my words and your eyes and ears to the video for “Tunnel” by rkss below:

Tunnel is out on CS vis Reject and Fade, including a small zine, which contains some art, writing, poetry which was inspired by/reflected by the music/themes behind the release. If you in Europe, you can go either Reject and Fade or Boomkat for purchase. If you’re in America, hit up Reject and Fade for a copy and support! I’ve also included three other tracks off the album below for the big-tease until it arrives on your front doorstep. REMEMBER: waiting for music to arrive is half the excitement of getting home, most days. Get some!


“Memory” (Edit)


• rkss: https://soundcloud.com/rkss
• Reject and Fade: http://rejectandfade.tumblr.com

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