Rob Magill
Bring Back The Things

Ima have to agree with my boii Jared Micah about indie writers trying to do jazz critique for credibility. It’s also kind of cute when people think music is JAZZ because the tracks contain or focus on a saxophone. But, okay okay, we are letting go of genre now in 2013, right? I mean, is it even necessary at this point for that categorization? Certainly not in my music>folder>system. MOST certainly not when you include Rob Magill to the matter-of-fact-at-hand-hi. How about I just refer to his music as the genre: soul? Can we PLEASE Bring Back The Things? Right now, in your ears, GO! It’s like an internal stirring of sorts, ain’t it? Almost breathing back down into your lungs and exhaling wherever it can; you don’t know, so listen. Feel it. Feel the soul. And dear Robert, the soul just forefronts itself. As in his previous works, it’s totally not forced. His skill has refined beyond music. Through art, Rob Magill has found a way to melt. And it can be found most recently in Bring Back The Things. Because he can, and he has, and we’re there with him. Someone press this fellah!!!

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